Webisode V - Celebrating our best

This is the fifth and final webisode for the MSA Blog.

I had the honour and privilege of speaking with six winners of awards at this year's MSA Annual Awards Banquet.

I put this piece together using their answers to some of my questions. Each of the full interviews will soon be available to check out on our MSA Facebook page!

Thanks to the winners who agreed to participate in this but recognition also needs to go out to those who won awards but were not able to be in the video. They are as follows:

Harry Harwood Outstanding Youth Male Player Award: Dylan Carreiro
Lorrie Thompson Outstanding Youth Female Player Award: Neena Young
Victor Batzel Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award: Greg Nordman
Frank Stambrook Outstanding Volunteer Award: Lynda McLeish
Mario Perrino Outstanding Referee Award: Graham Forsyth

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