Expanding our reach

At the Manitoba Soccer Association, our goal is always to make it easier for our members to understand our initiatives and what we are striving to do in order to make their soccer experience better.

That's why we have been striving to develop an enhanced presence on Facebook.

Over the past month or so a small team us made up of myself, Chief Executive Hector Vergara and Special Events Coordinator Carlo Bruneau have come together to set up the page that provides members will all the information they could want on the MSA.

Our goal was to make the page interesting while not being bogged down in too much information. We have included everything we thought members would most want.

This includes :

- Tons of photos
- All of our key information
- Background and ahead of time notifications on our events
- News stories
- Opportunities

And much more.

The new page is something we are very proud of and is a key part of the strategy of my project. We hope that it will leave a lasting impact on the future of the organization and help educate everyone around the world on the great work that the MSA does.

Please take some time to check it out and feel free to provide any feedback!

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