Last Training Session

The group of referees, 10 trios, left in the tournament take one last photo at the completion of the last session with the players.

Assistant Referees going through some physical drills prior to evaluating incidents near the penalty area.

Offside drills are always part of the sessions and it is very helpful for preparing us for the games.

On Wednesday, July 7th we had our last training session with the players. The athletes that have been with us for the last month or so have been very instrumental in helping the referees in their training sessions. We have had lots of fun and made some good friends. They have worked extremely hard and all referees have appreciated the effort they have put in to be part of the program.
There will be some additional physical sessions in the next few days as referees must continue to stay sharp for the remaining games. We are almost at the end of this wonderful journey and soon we will have to depart. The referee family will always have this strong bond as a result of the last few years of sharing in the awesome experience that this hobby is for many of us. For the referees the FIFA 2010 WC will always be associated with great experiences, which we all know have had some down moments but many more exciting and successfull ones.
Now there is only a couple of games left and as I write this we don't yet know who will officiate them. No matter who gets the privilidge of finishing off the tournament we all wish the referees the best as we want to finish on a high note.

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