11th FIFA Tournament - The End

What a game!!!! Lots of goals, lots of action, great atmosphere, rain, tears of joy, fun, pride, excitement and a great performance by our team. We committed ourselves to finishing off this World Cup on a high note and as we, Armando and I, have always done we came through in our commitment to ourselves, our families and FIFA.
Armando and I started our FIFA careers together in 1993 in Japan with the U17 FIFA World Championship and after 18 years on the FIFA list and my 11th FIFA Tournament it is only fitting that we complete our FIFA Tournament career together at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. We have travelled a long journey to get to this point and although there was a moment of sadness to see it come to an end we have both accomplished things in refereeing that many in the world can only dream off and this is great satisfaction and joy to both of us. He has tied the record for most games officiated in World Cups with 8, the only referee from Mexico to have such a stellar career. I have done 14 World Cup games, the only referee/asssistant referee, to have done this in the world. In 2006, Armando and I were part of the first trio to ever do five World Cup games in a FIFA World Cup. So after all we have accomplished together and individually it was awesome to finish it together.
Our trio has truly enjoyed this game and as we promised ourselves we have done better in every game that we have had in this world cup. We have given it our all, have left it all on the field of play and we have made our ourselves, our families and friends proud. We leave happy and looking forward to seeing our families to enjoy what has been a great journey. We don't know what the future brings but what we know is that we have had beautiful experiences as FIFA World Cup officials.

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