Thank you!!!!

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank all the people that have sent some many good wishes from across the world. At times, it is difficult to respond to everyone so by having the blog it will allow you to see and read what is happening.

You know who you are and what you have done to support my goals, as such, even though I may not have sent you a personal thank you, I am doing it in public. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated and your friendship is valued. Some days are very difficult as many different things happen that affect us and knowing that your family, friends and colleagues are behind you makes it much easier to overcome any issue that may arise. That support is invaluable and I am very glad to have you on my corner.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the blog and that when you read and see the messages you realize that part of you is here with me. Sometimes we forget to thank the people that are important to us!!!

So again, thank you for being one of my supporters!!! When I walk on the field on Monday for our first game I will take all of those great wishes with me.

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