Facebook - The MSA moving forward

Next week, myself and the MSA will be meeting to discuss ways to ramp up their social media presence even further by creating a solid Facebook page.

It is vitally important to all of us involved with the MSA to be able to communicate effectively with our members. Without this ability, we are powerless to try and improve the game in Manitoba.

New MSA president Christine O'Connor used Facebook effectively in her election campaign and has identified it as something for the organization to get involved with.

The goal is to create an advanced looking Facebook page that can be used as a means to provide our members with information on what we are doing as an organization. The page, like the blog, would be an extension of the website. It will feature news, video content and direct messages from MSA executives. The ultimate idea is to allow our members to feel more involved with the operations of the MSA so that they can help us come together to make soccer as strong as it can be here.

We are eager to here any feedback or ideas that can be provided about what should be featured on the page. Content? Design? Is it something good? Let us know!

Stay tuned for the page to be up sometime over the holidays. Also, check back on the blog tomorrow for a new webisode and all your latest MSA news.

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